Visual Arts Dept.

Our teachers make it a priority to get to know our students on a personal level and to become familiar with their personal artistic needs and goals. Here at the Family Music Center our small school gives us a better opportunity- especially 1on1 classes - to continuously challenge our students (artistically)  in way that  other schools can't. The main reason to choose our school as your visual art lesson provider, is that we are sensitive to the fact that every student is an individual. 

If you enroll here for lessons, we will work with you to make a plan that will fit your needs and artistic preferences. At every students first lesson their teacher will ask you about their favorite type of music, and set goals to help them accomplish whatever aspirations or goals they might have. 
All of our students also perform/showcase in multiple recitals a year. We believe that performing/ showcasing is a great way to show growth! So here at the Family Music Center we plan to have 3 to 4 recitals during the academic year that will have an art gallery to show our students work, as well as a huge awards ceremony and show before the academic year ends.