Media Consulting Policies

  • Payment: Payment can be made in 3 ways. Full price up front, 50% up front, or post design approval (only to be used at director’s discretion & approval). Logos, and larger projects are excluded from post design approval. If payment is not received within 72 hours of final approval, unless prior notice is given, the project will no longer be serviced until the balance has been paid in full. 

  • Turnaround Time: Turnaround time varies from project to project and is subject to change at the designer’s  or directors reasonable discretion. Payment secured turnaround times such as rush projects are not subject to change and are locked in. For rush orders a $15-$25 fee is assessed. No exceptions unless the director deems it acceptable. 

  • Business Hours: Communication for projects will be done Monday through Friday from 12pm to 7pm EST. No emails or business related communication will be dealt with on Sundays. Any requests before or after these times will be dealt with at the nearest business hour.

  • Editing: Each project is allowed up to 4 rounds of edits without charge and must be sent in no later than 72 hours after the initial draft is given. Any edits that are requested after the final approval and require moderate to major formatting changes will incur a $10-$15 convenience charge unless the director chooses not to invoke the charge.