Dramatic Arts Dept.

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Group Classes/Programs
~ Theatre Dance Workshop
~ Improv Group
~ Musical Theatre for Children (Ages 5-10)
~Pre-Teen Acting Intensive (Ages11- 13)
~Teen Acting Intensive (Ages 14-18)
~High School Intensive *
~College Intensive * & More!!!
* - Denotes a program that does not follow our academic year format. 
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As Dramatic Arts educators here at the Family Music Center, we believe in providing our students with opportunities to participate in the arts on as many different levels and mediums as possible. This includes recitals, film productions, theatrical performances, and more. The Family Music Center provides real-world experiences for our student actors, stage managers and crew members, helping them to understand the value of hard work and perseverance. 

The ultimate goal of the FMC Drama Dept. is to not only expose our New Haven youth to the transformative power of theatrical/dramatic arts, but to actually provide the opportunities to LIVE those experiences, through community partnerships, on stage, back stage, or even in the front of house. Our students will learn what it means to provide pure and true entertainment to diverse and captivated audiences of all ages.

Our programs give students the tools they need to go into the real world as professional artist in the 21st century. Whether they are 5 or 50 our staff is dedicated to giving our students the hidden tools that most arts schools keep secret. We take our students through all steps of becoming a pro actor whether that being on screen or stage. 

All of our students also perform in multiple recitals a year. We believe that performing is a great way to show growth! So here at the Family Music Center we plan to have 3 to 4 recitals during the academic year as well as a huge awards ceremony and show before the academic year ends.