Audition Information

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Family Music Center's Elm City Soulful Sound Machine! Registration is required to participate in auditions. ALL STUDENTS ARE ACCEPTED INTO THE PROGRAM NO MATTER THEIR SKILL! Students are evaluated on tone quality, rhythmic accuracy, technical facility, articulation, stylistic interpretation, and overall musicianship and preparedness.

How to Join The Machine & Audition Requirements:

STEP 1 Sign Up & Secure Your Audition Time & Date


STEP 2 Complete Audition Info Packet

             (Pick-Up Packet at Family Music Center)

STEP 3 Show Up 15 Minutes Before Your Schedule Time w/ Your                                           Completed Packet


STEP 4 Perform 12 Major Scales (Wind Instruments)| 10 Rudiments (Percussion)

STEP 5 Perform prepared piece. (Can Be An Original Piece)

Info & Audition Packet